Variable wheel position wheelbarrow and method for handling with wheelbarrow for the purpose of changing of the wheel position.

We have filed an international application for invention of our wheelbarrow solution with variable wheel position. The essence of the solution is, that the swinging carriers (3) of the wheel (5) are through the draw bars (6) connected with the swinging mounted supports (2). By pushing downwards on the handles (9) of wheelbarrow frame (1) with simultaneously horizontal moving of the frame (1) causes displacement of the wheel (5), even if the wheelbarrow is loaded. Moving the wheel (5) further in front of the body (10) ensures greater stability of the stationary wheelbarrow, which is especially beneficial when loading loads. Moving the wheel (5) further under the body (10) reduces the load on the handles (9) and facilitates wheelbarrow handling during transport, as well as maneuverability, and also reduces the force required to overturning the load over the wheel (5). This will avoid overloading the operator's back and significantly increase labor productivity.

Alternatively, the wheelbarrow comprises two carriers (3) arranged between the two wheels (5).

  We are engaged almost exclusively in the development of mechanical equipment. Therefore, we are looking for commercial use of the above solution, for example in the form of a license agreement.


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